Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome to Bolivia 11-26-2012

I arrived in la paz at 1:30am, made it to the hostel at 3am and met Shawn at the hostel at 7:30am. Shawn had made the awesome decision to vacation with me in La Paz and Argentina and a week before I was set to head over, she was able to find a good ticket and meet me.

We had a pretty low key day that involved walking around the city, eating and and admiring the views. We woke up at 5am and boarded a plane for the town of uyuni to visit the salt flats.

Highlites of the day included a shared lunch for two dollars of fish and rice, three trips to the jugaria for incredible mixed juice drinks, seeing all of the native bolivians carrying on with their day to day lives in traditional dress, the easygoing nature of the locals, the feeling of safety in the streets, the typical crazy South American drivers and the thin air at 12,000 feet evident went I went on an early morning hill run.
80 cent fresh mango-papaya'
Two twin beds on the floor please

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