Thursday, December 6, 2012

Airport Squat versus Sheraton Suite 12-5-2012

Airport Bed:
We found out last minute that the Santiago hotel we had booked was a 30 minute cab ride from the airport. Because of difficult logistics and an early morning flight, we decided to forgot the hotel and spend a cozy night at the airport.

We found a perfect spot with very little noise. We set up the sleeping pad, Shawn bought a knitted poncho to use as a blanket and we slept. I must say that it was a plush setup for the airport.

Sheraton Bed:
We arrived at the Sheraton and Shawn was able to get us a double upgrade to a twelth floor suite.  The room and hotel was amazing.  Such a contrast from Bolivia.  The room had views extending over Mendoza, two and a half rooms and a king size bed.  The hotel had comlimentary breakfast,  a nice gym, a hot tub, free doctor visits and a great concierge service.  The town is incredble with great wine, resturants and walking.  Life is good.

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